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Our Addon Services

In addition to complete business plan offerings for restaurant start-ups, we also offer a wide range of add-on services essential to the restaurant industry. Our restaurant business clients can choose these add-on services independently even if they do not require a restaurant business planning package. Our high functioning team of restaurant industry experts consist of experienced consultants, graphic designers, website developers, digital marketeers, and financial experts. Therefore, if there are add on services you need separately, or as a top-up to your restaurant business plan project, we will deliver the best and work with you to fulfill your goals. So, let us begin.

Restaurant Logo Design Services

A logo is the most important representation of any restaurant in terms of building a brand identity. Building a perfect logo requires a seamless mix of designing skills, creative idea, and expert application. At Restaurant Business Planning, we have the required skillset. Our team has graphic designing experts and experienced marketeers who have helped many restaurateurs create eye catching logos for them. A client may choose the restaurant logo design service independently, or as an add-on with the restaurant project plan already chosen. Each logo will be custom designed by our team keeping in mind the essence of your brand. We promise to make the perfect logo for your restaurant once you trust us with your brand.

Restaurant Website Design & Development

With so many restaurants to choose from, it is difficult for customers to decide where to go. Especially when they have not been to your restaurant before. But this is where an effective and stunning restaurant website comes in. We have high-quality experts with years of experience in restaurant web designing and restaurant marketing. So, if a client wants to create a website with a positive user-friendly experience, we are a perfect fit. In terms of information architecture, helpful navigation and content prioritization, our restaurant website designs are stunning, effective, and secure. Helpful highlights are incorporated such as location details, one-click reservations, online ordering, easy menu updates, scheduled promos, SEO optimization, gift cards, etc. Therefore, if you need your perfect restaurant website designed and developed, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

This is a time when most of the restaurant customers are smart phone users, doing searches and research on their mobiles. Thus, it makes perfect sense to have your own restaurant mobile application built. Through the restaurant app, one can showcase their menu, make reservations, place orders, and do much more. We are happy to announce the restaurant mobile app development as an add-on or independent service offered to all clients. We will develop your customized restaurant mobile application from scratch to help you connect with the customers. Our skilled development team can make user friendly, intuitive applications. These applications can include payment getaways, live order management, e-coupons, push messaging, etc. It will be entirely custom-built as per your requirements. Restaurant Business Planning is a perfect choice if you want a hi-tech mobile app to grow your restaurant business.

Restaurant Menu Design Services

What is served on the plate is indisputably the most important offering of any restaurant. Consequently, a restaurant menu designing plays a significant role in creating a long-lasting impression on the customers. The professional designing team at Restaurant Business Planning will help you create the most unique menu concepts and designs to impress your customers. From conceptualization, layout creation, adding special elements, cover design, integrating the restaurant logo, and even nutritional labeling if required- we offer the best services. The restaurant menu designing services can also be digital. The customers can experience ordering from the menu seamlessly from home or any location with a digital menu. Thus, for the entire process of menu designing done for you with unwavering attention to details, creative uniqueness, and professional dedication, we are a perfect choice.

Restaurant Digital Marketing Services

The restaurant business is constantly changing. The only constant right now is that everyone turns to the web to help them choose where to eat. Therefore, having and maintaining a digital presence is not only required, but absolutely essential. Restaurant Business Planning offers full-service digital marketing service to all the restaurant clients. Our experts from the restaurant marketing team create affordable, highly effective marketing strategies to grow your restaurant business. Combining data-driven search engine optimization solutions, paid searches, programmatic display advertising, social media advertising campaigns, our approach is trendy and effective. These custom-made marketing strategies with expert implementation would help boost your business. It would also help you reach out to the right customers.

Restaurant Branding Identity Services

Do you need to build your restaurant brand in order to build your identity in the market? Our restaurant brand consultants will help you achieve that. With a systematic approach and creative method, our brand building and management are the best in the market. We cover all services like brand research, brand books, brand guidelines, brand collateral designing such as presentations, corporate identity kits, business cards, stationery, branded decors, etc. Our restaurant brand identity services also involve a lot of research into what works and what does not in respect to a brand. With this, we help in creating a fool-proof brand strategy and design. Depending on the services chosen by the client, this can include both implementation and management. Therefore, as an add-on service, it is a must try for all the would-be restaurant business entrepreneurs.

Restaurant Brochure & Flyers Design Services

Design is always one of the first things that attracts customers browsing the internet or looking at a distributed restaurant flyer. Restaurant brochure and flyer designing is an integral part of any restaurant marketing cum advertising. Restaurant Business Planning has an exceptionally creative team to design just the perfect brochure for you. Your restaurant brochure content may be good, but without an attractively designed brochure, customers will always lose interest. Hence the need for brochures and flyers to be innovative and eye-catching. Both digital and in print, our design services will guarantee traffic and enhance your restaurant business. All our designs are made for the web, mobile and print.

Restaurant Print Media Design Services

There is a lot of demand for restaurant websites and mobile design services in today’s digital age. But all studies prove that the traditional print media design always has its own charm and caters to all age groups. Thus, we have included restaurant print media design services as an add-on to our offerings. From wall graphics to menu boards and table tents, our Restaurant Business Planning team always deliver the best. A few services included in the print media services are news bulletins, wall, window and floor graphics, indoor/outdoor bulletin/displays and hostess signs. It also includes designing of advertising on magazines, newspapers and hoardings. As a restaurant business owner, you can be assured that all these designs will be original, eye-catching, and send the perfect message to your customers.