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How the Restaurant Business Planning works?

Restaurant Business Planning Process

The client reaches out to us with their restaurant business requirements in this initiation phase. This includes all the steps required before any restaurant business planning is approved. The project is defined, and the objectives understood at a very high level by our restaurant business plan consultant. Our team discusses the scope, purpose, and value of the proposed restaurant business project with the client. Once an agreement is reached, the consultant elucidates the business value and the deliverable to be produced.

A client may choose our comprehensive restaurant business planning services providing a full business model for a restaurant. He/she may also require just one or more specific restaurant business services provided by us. For example, restaurant website designing, restaurant logo designs, restaurant digital marketing etc. Once a client reaches out, an executive from our restaurant business planning team will help choose the right package or add-on service as required. We will provide full support and clear any doubts required at this stage.

A Requirement Analysis is done once the restaurant project has been approved and finalized. The project team determines the client’s expectations in a focused and detailed way. They get in touch with the client for any missing information or additional details. Once everything is finalized and up-to-date, resources and restaurant business experts are allocated. In this phase, an invoice containing 50% of the total restaurant business project cost is emailed to the client. The client needs to pay this amount as part of the requirement milestone. After this, the assigned team starts working on the project. The following milestones and phases define the delivery methodology. All changes within scope and within a milestone will be done at no additional costs. However, changes for previous milestones will not be acceptable. So once a milestone is reviewed and signed off it will be considered complete and we will move on to the next phase.

The restaurant business project market research is the first deliverable report to the client. The team will carry out a secondary research based on the requirements. The research is purely secondary in nature and will include data freely available in public domain only. Surveys, polling, questionnaires, paid research reports and paid databases are not in the scope of the research. A draft is sent to the client by our research team. After initial read-through and feedback, all changes within scope will be incorporated. The new and modified version is resent to the client. When it is approved, it is considered to be a milestone completion. At this stage, an invoice of 25% of the total project value is sent to the client. The deliverable will be in a secured, non-printable, water-marked PDF format.

This is the most important phase of the restaurant business project. Every project needs a solid business strategy. This document acts as a guidebook on formulating this strategy and its implementation plans. The dedicated consultant will send the strategic planning draft the client. Once approved and finalized, an invoice will be sent to the client. This will be 25% of the total restaurant business project value. As with all other documents, the deliverable will be in a secured, non-printable, water-marked PDF format.

Once the draft business plan is approved the team will prepare the detailed financial projections for the business with pro forma financial statements like balance sheet, cash flow and profit and loss along with other financial charts and tables. As with all tasks, this will also be sent for feedback, and amended if required. At restaurant business planning, we make sure the client agrees and is satisfied after each phase.

This phase represents the completion of the project. Here, the final deliverable of the restaurant project is sent to the client in editable formats. If you have selected a business plan package which includes design, or would like us to design your business plan, this will be undertaken on completion of the financial forecasts. Professionals from our digital marketing arm PresentationGFX, will reach out to you. They will discuss your brand guidelines, colour themes and requirements. The final output will be a spectacular professionally designed business plan, which will ensure your document stands out when compared to others. We make sure that the client is fully satisfied with our services and all acceptance criterion is met. A 100% satisfaction from the client is ensured. Once the final deliverable is sent to the client, the project will be closed.